So Let me present the latest of the DEA product line:

Micro Learning – Digital Skills Platform

A cutting edge platform at the forefront of DEA is leading the way with micro-learning. In other words, short, bite-sized videos from 60-120 seconds in length. Enabling people to learn simple and complex ideas and skills through our short and focused segmented videos.

Training covers some of the following:



Amazon Merchants

Blogging Basics

Drop Box

Facebook Ads

Facebook Basics

Google Adwords

Online Security


PPC Fundamentals

SEO Fundamentals

WordPress Mastery

Hootsuite Mastery

Ipad & Iphone Tips & Tricks



Just to name a few….

Below is a little sneak peak at my personal DEA digital skills platform homepage.

Digital Skills Platform Screen Shot

Micro learning has been proven that it is a lot more effective when it comes to retention. Because its bite-sized content, it keeps training relevant and accurate. The DEA will be on the ball, keeping each video up to date as each platform releases improvements & new tools to the repertoire.

At Google, Julie Clow worked on team effectiveness and leadership for five years, and is the author of The Working Revolution: Freedom and Excellence for All. She says micro-learning is “discrete chunks of information or skill-based knowledge that can be delivered in short bursts of time”. Google used this as a direct strategy to ensure the training of their teams remained enjoyable. Removing any chance of boredom from their learning experience by keeping the delivery sweet & super speedy.

Let’s face it folks, improving our digital skill sets is just going to help us be of more value to society and as a result attract all sorts of opportunites your way!

Currently it is accessible for members only. I promise to let you know when we can release it as a single product. The news of the inital release was too good to keep on the down low, as I am benefiting from the training as we speak as a member of the DEA.

Curious to check it out? Take it for a test run, obligation & risk free with an intro membership offer of $19.95. Fully refundable, within 30 days, this little gold nugget price includes all basic level membership access, training and a 6 hour bonus course.



If I can answer any questions & help clear up any concerns, send me an email & I’ll be in touch.

Yours in happiness, Health & Wealth,

Love Karen x