Have you been searching for ways to invest your time wisely, to achieve the best possible income without sacrificing your lifestyle?

 Leveraging your current skill base to come up with something that you can provide & offering your services for that. Look for alternative ways to bring in income & considering multiple streams of income. Those streams could come in the form of small, contract, freelance, side jobs that combined will see you bringing in more than what your hourly rate may be in a full-time position.

37-fun-and-easy-work-from-home-jobs-and ideas-that-are-flexible

Believe it’s possible to work from home/be your own boss/create the career of your dreams on your terms. Tap into your intuition, listen to your heart. Are you doing what your gut is telling you to? Is your gut telling you ” I don’t feel that this is my calling”, within your current work/career. Do you see yourself with more freedom, more time to do the things you love, be with your family. Trusting your gut is going to be a huge part of this journey to success.

Truly believe that its possible to be your own boss, earn extra income whatever it may be. It never sat well with me working the 9-5(or 8-7) that there was a ceiling or a cap put on my creativity & my level of income. I felt there must be something wrong with me that I couldn’t conform to the idea & hence job hopped in search of the right job/career I expected to fulfill all my need son both a personal & professional level.

It was partly due to the inner dialogue in my head stuck on repeat that we have drilled into our society….that safety & fulfillment is in holding onto a decent, safe job that you should be grateful to have in the first place.


I’ve since learned over the course of the last year, what was music to my ears….there’s nothing wrong with me, I don’t fit in….because my entrepreneurial soul just won’t let me quit. Thank God for that I say! I’ve reached a crossroads a number of times, almost about to throw in the towel & decided…well….bugger it quite frankly! :) I’d rather spend a lifetime striving towards my dreams, failing fast and persevering, providing value to others than working to achieve other people’s (an employers’) dream.

So to get your creative juices flowing we’ve compiled a list of (just a few of many) work from home options. Juggle a few or focus solely on one. We’ll update the list on a regular basis for you and elaborate deeper on each of the options in the future blog posts.

The Big – ‘Thank Geez for Work from Home income options’ List:

Amazon FBA

Amazon – Choose from selling as an individual or a professional level.

E-bay Seller

Virtual Assistant

Graphic Design

Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Affiliate program


Creating an E-Book

Selling Digital Products – Do the work once, and you have an automated income spinner.

Create an online course.

Selling digital services – eg Consultancy for your area of expertise

Audio Voice over gigs


Amazon mechanical turk

Cleaning up Google’s search engine – Agents

Focus Groups

Short tasks

Amazon mTurk



Usability Testing – Beta test new apps, sites & gadgets. Earn $5-15/app for quality feedback.


Erli Bird

StartUp Lift



What Users Do


Design & sell products online – eg. sell your artwork royalties, set up a store, join the

affiliate program

Share your advice & expertise


Hourly Nerd

Just Answer


Smart Phone Photography

Music & Fashion reviews  – Slice the pie – review of latest music & recently introduced fashions.

That is just a taster….more to come on this topic peeps. 

Goodluck & I wish you nothing but the best in your quest for creating the ultimate work/life balance taking advantage of all that this fantastic ‘age of the internet’ that we are living in!



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INSPIRING QUOTE PACK - FREE DOWNLOAD || Inspire your tribe with this 31 designer quote selection for use across all social media platforms. Click to access the free download. Http://

INSPIRING QUOTE PACK - FREE DOWNLOAD || Inspire your tribe with this 31 designer quote selection for use across all social media platforms. Click to access the free download. Http://

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