Grow Your Pinterest Following In September Pinterest claimed an active user count of 100+ million. That is A LOT of people — and most of them are in the USA.

And if you have a product worth taking a picture of, you want it in front of Pinterest users. I say that because a survey of Pinterest users found that 87% of them use Pinterest to decide what to buy! None of the other social media platforms even come close.

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That same survey also showed that Pinterest users spend more per purchase, on average than users of any other social media platform. Yes, even Facebook (I know you were thinking it).

The problem is that generating traffic from Pinterest is very time consuming and difficult. You have to post A LOT of pins (images) so that they get found when people search, and you have to get A LOT of followers so that your pins appear in their timeline and some of them click-through to your site.

Did I say that was time-consuming and difficult? Well, it is, but only if you do it manually!

There’s a tool that will do ALL of the hard work for you, from growing followers to pinning tens of thousands of images (which it will find FOR YOU), resulting in long-term traffic generation to your site.

Want proof? Take a look at this traffic graph:

Social multiplier Graph

As the graph shows, 27,172 visitors came from Pinterest, and ONE TOOL was responsible for it: Social Multiplier.

That graph shows the long-term traffic generation capabilities of Social Multiplier, but it doesn’t take a long time for you to start getting traffic to your site.

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In fact, the demo video for this awesome tool shows it generating more than 100 unique visitors to a BRAND NEW SITE in just 24 hours!

What more you could want :) — top quality traffic in huge amounts with almost all of the work done for you. That’s something that hasn’t happened in a LONG TIME, but that’s exactly what Social Multiplier will do for you.

Here’s the link one more time


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