Vital energy boost for 2015

Reach for the sky, good on ya love.

What gets you out of bed in the morning & boosts your energy levels? I used to solely rely on an enticing enough breakfast. Be it something (excess booze soaking) naughty, wholesome & nutritious or a temperature increasing bowl of goodness (harping back to my student years). Well….even a few short months ago it was the breakfast, mostly of the nutritious variety & my little daughter that I’d wake up for. Usually 7am, please God let the 4am daily starts be over. But today, since last september, I can proudly say I SPRING out of bed with a big grin on my chops! The answer is to focus attention on areas of life you may not expect.

I’ve been chasing this feeling of vital energy my entire life, for, well, you get the picture…forever and a day. I want to love the bejeeezus out of my lifestyle, bear hug it ’till it bursts into a thousand bubbles. I’m talking every…single…day, not just a few hours within a day, not just a day a week, not just at weekends or during holidays.

I aspire to love each new day, and I think, for me, the key is to love whatever it is that I can call work. For it is that which gives me purpose, as well as my family, loved ones, and friends. Though family, friends and loved ones cannot “make” us happy. We are the only ones that have the real power to do that, and by being happy with your purpose in life, or content to search for one.

The day I stumbled across the Whitehouse energy pool…

I remember the moment I began my search for a work life that I truly Ioved. During a course information evening in Adelaide, Leanne Whitehouse, shared that each day she loved waking up to her life as the Whitehouse institute of design’s founder/director. Her smile was beaming, as she described her passion for the lifestyle & industry she chose. She had decided to create her own life, after years in the rag trade, by opening the design institute. I was a wide eyed, naive 19 year old, & packed myself off to live in Sydney urgently. I shared in what she had to offer at her school, studying fashion, styling, design and small business. This was 20 years ago, and though I held strong to my dream of attaining a life that I loved, the fashion industry had other ideas (don’t cue the violins, hmffff). (More in next post).

Do I have regrets, absolutely not! Is it the only industry I’ve trained & worked within? Yes! You see, I was working crazy loooong hours & overtime pay does not exist in fashion. It wasn’t about the money, it was about the passion I had whether it be designing, illustrating, styling, developing product that would be worn out on the streets, tickled my fancy for many years.

But once marriage & babies were on the cards I just couldn’t see the lifestyle being one of high quality. I witnessed women, my talented colleagues painfully struggling to juggle the demands of work & family life, each & every day. I want the freedom to focus on my family that trading my time for money, working the 9 – 5 (8 – 7) employee title simply cannot provide.

So, today I can share with you I now have the ability to cultivate & create something that makes me feel lucky when I wake to start the day. I have woken up to the fact we live in a digital economy meaning I’m able to work from home part time AND be accessible for my 18 month old wherever and whenever she needs, plus ALLOW myself to start dreaming BIG & crazy again. This has been miraculous for giving me my vital energy back, ten fold.

Here’s how:

1. Start to search for your purpose in life, what will your legacy be? Start jumping out of bed with a rad smile on your chops.

2. Fit work around your family’s schedule. Not the other way around.

3. Chanel your experiences, especially the failings, disappointments. Own them, let go..or be dragged.

4. Use said experiences, failings and especially disappointments to share w the world. Helping others by doing so, there by turning them around into a positive source of strength.

5. Learn a set of skills that will provide freedom, autonomy, self sufficiency.

6. Start to build an online business/blog around your own terms. Freedom, flexibility, geographical flexibility, scaling your income, earn enough to support your family, retire your spouse, provide a better life for your children, do great things for charity, have time to build a charity of your own, have time to do what ever the heck floats your boat.

If you’re ready to join me on the path to creating a better lifestyle click HERE

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’till next time…

Lots of love & respect,

Karen x


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