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How to make money in minutes with one easy WordPress plugin. A Step by step guide to action today to monetize your blog or website.

I’ll keep this brief….because you’re here to take a quick action to earning money, like now!!

There are so many choices to make when it comes to monetizing your blog or website. Ad platforms, affiliate networks, selling your own products or services are all fantastic but can be overwhelming. So by downloading a single WordPress plugin you can take a shortcut & start making money immediately.

Which plugin? Viglink!

You don’t need to have a minimum amount of pageviews to qualify and there is NO MINIMUM payout threshold such as $100, before you get paid! It works by creating in-post affiliate links on your blog, highlighting products or services mentioned within your topic.

So it’s a seamless experience for you and your readers. Let Viglink do all the work for you, rather than having to sign up for a gazillion individual affiliate programs (exhausting, I can vouch for that!).  They have a huge amount of affiliates, 30,000 in fact, so they will have ads just for you, regardless of what you write about. Errr awesome sauce, right?!!

How to set up your account and Plugin

  1. Create your account with Viglink here
  2. Download the Viglink plugin here.
  3. Upload your plugin in the WordPress Admin area.
  4. Configure your settings in the plugin tab > find Viglink > paste in your API code (find this in your Viglink account details).
  5. Do a happy dance….That’s it, you’re done & ready to earn!


Who Needs a Mentor?

Who Needs a Mentor?

In so many ways as a young chick starting out in my career I would have, upon reflection, benefited from the guidance of an experienced mentor. A role model that I could trust implicitly & seek counsel from with confidence. It was just recently that I gained my first mentor, the incredible Marie Santos of Net Savvy She just quietly swept into my life, during my maternity leave, unknowingly counselled me to shift my mindset to ready myself into action, taking the plunge to start my online business.

I know I’m not alone in this, a little guidance & the right kind of advice & constructive criticism where necessary goes a long way to creating a healthy attitude to our work life. Having someone in your corner, who has been there & done it before you, and has your best interest at heart is worth their weight in gold.

A little Linked In research today, directed me to PropellHer, an incredibly inspiring group pathing the way for our new generation of go-getters!

PropellHer was created to support women in achieving their career goals who so often, face a different career trajectory to men. Taking time out of their career to be family’s primary care giver, and seeking flexible work arrangements to manage their job with their home, have all be cited as obstacles. There are roughly equal numbers of men and women in the workplace, but in senior management positions the low number of positions held by women is very concerning.

Research has shown that formal mentoring programs increase rates of promotion but historically women have had less access to mentors and mentoring relationships.  A mentor is a valuable asset to any woman in the workforce, helping them to navigate their career and find personal success. The PropellHer platform overcomes the barriers of traditional mentoring programs by matching and managing the mentor – mentee relationship all online. You can now access your perfect mentor on the opposite side of the globe, communicate seamlessly and meet them face to face over video conferencing.

Pretty…darn…brilliant Ladies. Bring it on!!!

Full Details on their fab site:

Love Karen x

Is your inner critic sabotaging your success?

Is your inner critic sabotaging your success?

All you’ll get from me is brutal honesty. I’m mostly a glass half full kind a girl, yet daily I go into battle with my inner critic. Regretful of the opportunities missed, guilty of self sabotage, and self esteem squashing, broken record playing of deluded taunts “you’re not good enough to achieve success”, “they’ll soon figure out you don’t know what you’re doing”, “it’s fine to just get by in life, play safe, with little, don’t reach for your dreams, you’ll only find failure”.

Ridiculous, or what? Foremostly, I WILL not have my daughter believe anything other than ‘everything you can dream, you can achieve’. I wish to be a woman she can look up to and be proud of. To show it can be possible to be a balanced wife, Mother with an entrepreneurial existence and work life.

I’m on a mission to use my failings, pain, embarrassments & accomplishments, varied range of skills and proudly turn them into the coal that will power my brighter future, one that in our digital world will be achieved to have more of the finer things I value. Become time rich, spending quality moments with my young family, work each day in something I love (so it no longer feels like work) towards a day where I no longer need to stress about utility bills, or becoming obsolete in the only field I trained in.

I want the time and money to care for my extended family interstate and overseas. I want to see my daughter run about on a patch of grass attached to a house we can finally call our very own. Jumping off the rental market vortex, that is Sydney to date. I wish for charities to benefit from more than my measly sandwich money I offer.

Today I can proudly say I’ve found my way to a happy solution. An alternative to trading my time for money, building someone else’s dreams and fortune. Marie Santos, of the, is my amazing mentor, in my quest for this new life path. I would love nothing more than to replicate a portion of her life altering, great success.

I would love your company as I begin with small steps as I learn to leap, 2015 has a very, very good ring to it. Don’t you think?!


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