All you’ll get from me is brutal honesty. I’m mostly a glass half full kind a girl, yet daily I go into battle with my inner critic. Regretful of the opportunities missed, guilty of self sabotage, and self esteem squashing, broken record playing of deluded taunts “you’re not good enough to achieve success”, “they’ll soon figure out you don’t know what you’re doing”, “it’s fine to just get by in life, play safe, with little, don’t reach for your dreams, you’ll only find failure”.

Ridiculous, or what? Foremostly, I WILL not have my daughter believe anything other than ‘everything you can dream, you can achieve’. I wish to be a woman she can look up to and be proud of. To show it can be possible to be a balanced wife, Mother with an entrepreneurial existence and work life.

I’m on a mission to use my failings, pain, embarrassments & accomplishments, varied range of skills and proudly turn them into the coal that will power my brighter future, one that in our digital world will be achieved to have more of the finer things I value. Become time rich, spending quality moments with my young family, work each day in something I love (so it no longer feels like work) towards a day where I no longer need to stress about utility bills, or becoming obsolete in the only field I trained in.

I want the time and money to care for my extended family interstate and overseas. I want to see my daughter run about on a patch of grass attached to a house we can finally call our very own. Jumping off the rental market vortex, that is Sydney to date. I wish for charities to benefit from more than my measly sandwich money I offer.

Today I can proudly say I’ve found my way to a happy solution. An alternative to trading my time for money, building someone else’s dreams and fortune. Marie Santos, of the, is my amazing mentor, in my quest for this new life path. I would love nothing more than to replicate a portion of her life altering, great success.

I would love your company as I begin with small steps as I learn to leap, 2015 has a very, very good ring to it. Don’t you think?!


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