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Start making money ASAP today with this clever and intuitive WordPress Plugin!

How to make money in minutes with one easy WordPress plugin. A Step by step guide to action today to monetize your blog or website.

I’ll keep this brief….because you’re here to take a quick action to earning money, like now!!

There are so many choices to make when it comes to monetizing your blog or website. Ad platforms, affiliate networks, selling your own products or services are all fantastic but can be overwhelming. So by downloading a single WordPress plugin you can take a shortcut & start making money immediately.

Which plugin? Viglink!

You don’t need to have a minimum amount of pageviews to qualify and there is NO MINIMUM payout threshold such as $100, before you get paid! It works by creating in-post affiliate links on your blog, highlighting products or services mentioned within your topic.

So it’s a seamless experience for you and your readers. Let Viglink do all the work for you, rather than having to sign up for a gazillion individual affiliate programs (exhausting, I can vouch for that!).  They have a huge amount of affiliates, 30,000 in fact, so they will have ads just for you, regardless of what you write about. Errr awesome sauce, right?!!

How to set up your account and Plugin

  1. Create your account with Viglink here
  2. Download the Viglink plugin here.
  3. Upload your plugin in the WordPress Admin area.
  4. Configure your settings in the plugin tab > find Viglink > paste in your API code (find this in your Viglink account details).
  5. Do a happy dance….That’s it, you’re done & ready to earn!


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